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MATER Chocolate

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This luxury chocolate set is an exclusive collaboration between MATER, the research and innovation arm of Central, No. 2 World’s Best Restaurant located in Lima, Peru, and SIMPLi, a modern food company ethically sourcing the highest quality most sustainable ingredients. These two trailblazers partnered to develop a collection of craft chocolates made with esteemed Peruvian Chuncho cacao–native to the Cusco region, Chuncho is known as one of the highest quality varieties of cacao in the world, and recent genetic evidence suggests it is the first origin of all fine cacao varieties worldwide.

This prized cacao was grown by the award-winning Puma Champi Family and sourced from the family’s early 2022 harvest. The cacao for this batch was collected and fermented in Quillabamba, a high-altitude forest, then delicately transported to Lima by hand where MATER’s cacao expert crafted each bar’s recipe which was then produced by a renowned chocolatier. The goal was for each bar to uniquely express the flavor profiles that characterize the family’s prized Chuncho cacao: remarkable sweetness, fruity notes of berry, and warm notes of nuts and spices.

True to the Chuncho cacao’s nature, these chocolates are low in bitterness, which is the result of good genetics, rigorous post-harvest practices, and a delicate roast. Due to the premium nature of the chocolate, no additional ingredients are added except for high-quality cane sugar (for the three bars <100%) and cow's milk (for the 51% milk chocolate), to highlight the exceptional flavor of some of the finest cacao in the world.

Cacao Chuncho – 51% with Cow’s Milk

Sweet and delicate with fruity cocoa notes. Slightly reminiscent of strawberry custard, the sweetness of the sugar is balanced by notes of berry, raisin, and cinnamon. At the end, creamy pecan lingers in the aftertaste.

Nose: Strawberry
Palate: Raisins, Cinnamon
Finish: Pecan

Cacao Chuncho – 72% with Nibs

Predominately fruity and slightly woodsy. The nibs highlight the cocoa flavor and give a sensation of dried fruit, contrasting with the prominent cherry and blackberry. Brown raisin and stone fruit seed linger in the background, with subtle notes of cinnamon and cherimoya to finish.

Nose: Cherry, Blackberry
Palate: Dark Raisin, Plum
Finish: Cinnamon, Cherimoya

Cacao Chuncho – 77%

Complex with fresh dark fruit notes. The acidic profile of cherry and blackberry are balanced by rich caramel and panela. Notes of warm clove and plum create a velvety bitterness that lingers in the aftertaste.

Nose: Cherry, Blackberry
Palate: Caramel, Panela
Finish: Clove, Plum

Cacao Chuncho – 100%

Rich in cocoa and berry notes. The subtle bitterness is balanced by complex fruity notes, with hints of blackberry, cherry, brown caramel, and warm spices like cloves. The delicate finishing notes feature almond and pink flowers.

Nose: Cocoa, Cherry, Blackberry
Palate: Caramel, Cherry, Clove
Finish: Almond, Pink Flowers

mater x simpli

The strong alignment of values and ethical sourcing practices between MATER and SIMPLi brought this partnership to fruition, and the result is an extraordinary collection of craft chocolates made with esteemed Peruvian Chuncho cacao.

MATER Chocolate

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Our collaboration with MATER introduces a brand new collection of craft chocolates made with esteemed Peruvian Chuncho cacao–the first origin of all fine cacao varieties worldwide.