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In a world of rapid change it is imperative to rethink outdated processes to be more efficient and effective. Our overall approach to sourcing ingredients is fundamentally shifting the profit-driven by all costs business model to having the farmers, the environment, and our customers as main stakeholders.

SIMPLi is a fully vertical supply chain established to fight food fraud, drive sustainable economic growth within communities and foster direct farming relationships for positive social and environmental impacts.

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SIMPLi Vertical Supply Chain

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Simultaneous to building an international supply chain with 100% traceability, SIMPLi co-owners Sarela Herrada & Matt Cohen are supporting international farmers in their fight to eliminate extreme poverty and reduce inequality through market accessibility offering better economic solutions. By helping to build a stable market demand through evolving traditional supply chain practices, SIMPLi is increasing economic growth to international farmers, and providing single-origin organic products to consumers worldwide.

Our commitment to helping the farming community runs deep. By supplying essential tools and market accessibility to scale each farmer for growth, we’re invested in each grower’s success. SIMPLi is focused on supporting farmers in their transition from conventional farming to USDA Organic Certified farming practices to provide sustainable and high-quality ingredients from around the world to our customers.