Transform our flawed food system into one that is good for you, for the planet, and for producers.


Connect people around the world through the joy of food.


Restore the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.

Our values

Inspire with iNGREDIENTS

We work with producers who use regenerative farming practices to bring sustainable, high-quality ingredients from around the world to you.

SIMPLi Inspires With Ingredients

build with integrity

We are a group of people that care deeply about cultural preservation and ethical sourcing. We work to do the right thing and lead by example.

SIMPLi Builds With Integrity

Win with impact

We care deeply about the environment, and we want to preserve our planet for future generations to enjoy.

SIMPLi Wins with Impact

Lead with innovation

Our transformative vertical supply chains fundamentally shift the ‘profits by all costs’ model into one where our farmers, the environment, and our customers are prioritized.

SIMPLi Leads with Innovation


SIMPLi Vertical Supply Chain

Unlike traditional ingredients companies, SIMPLi owns its supply chains, working directly with growers to ensure each product meets the strictest quality standards. SIMPLi's vertical supply chain transitions profits traditionally benefited by middlemen back to the farmers.

SIMPLi Regenerative Organic Program

Regenerative organic program

Regenerative agriculture restores our planet’s resources rather than depleting them and improves farming communities.

The global food supply chain has taken financial advantage of the farmers that grow our food, and the consumers who receive fradulent ingredients positioned as "single origin" and “organic.” SIMPLi’s regenerative organic program ensures its ingredients are ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and 100% authentic.

Our story

SIMPLi's Founders

Meet our founders

Founded in 2020, SIMPLi co-founders Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen sought out to bring the best single-origin ingredients from around the world to consumers kitchens in a way that equally benefits farmers, the environment, and consumers.

Sarela was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Back home, her parents run a chicken coop in the outskirts of Lima. At a young age, Sarela experience first-hand the inequalities in the farming industry. Sarela moved to the U.S. in 2006, where she built her career in supply chain and food management. She has always been passionate about fighting food fraud while helping developing communities around the world.

Matt was born and raised in Annapolis, MD. He quickly developed a passion as an entrepreneur, having multiple small businesses growing up as a child. Entrepreneurship was further instilled in him while helping his family businesses, from connecting small farmers on the eastern shore with regional grocery chains, to helping run pawn shops throughout the DMV. He is passionate about disrupting antiquated industries through technology and driving long-term impacts to build a more equitable future.