Frequently Asked Questions

 Why choose SIMPLi?
Answer: SIMPLi is a modern ingredients company focused on ethical sourcing for the highest quality of iNTERNATIONAL ingredients. We are proud to offer transparency & integrity in our products through ethical sourcing. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality iNGREDIENTS for you to bring friends and family together through meals that are SIMPLi good.

 Is buying from SIMPLi a responsible choice?
Answer: Yes! Everything we do here at SIMPLi is a mission-driven company thriving to be as ethical and fair as possible. We are mindful of the significant increases of carbon in the environment and therefore we always look for ways to optimize operations for our farming partners and internally, to limit our carbon footprint. We look to regulatory, environmental, and scientific authorities to guide our decision making and provide our customers with the highest quality iNGREDIENTS with integrity. 

 What makes SIMPLi sustainable?
Answer: SIMPLi focuses on iNNOVATIVE ingredient sourcing practices that are ethically & socially responsible and environmentally beneficial to the farmers and the farming communities from around the world. We have developed supply chains throughout Europe and South America where SIMPLi works directly with the farmers to offer our customers fully traceable iNGREDIENTS. Our model is scalable, allowing for support and protection of our farming communities as food trends spike and when quality is traditionally jeopardized.

 Are there other ways customers can get involved with SIMPLi?
Answer: Yes! We always welcome ideas or future collaboration opportunities to have a positive iMPACT on the farmers or broader farming communities that we work with. We work directly with retail & food service distribution partners, as well as restaurants and boutique retail shops. 
Please contact us or with ideas or prospects for future collaboration!

 Who is impacted by the values of SIMPLi? 
Answer: Our goal is to grow and sustain the highest level of ethically sourced food to make a better world. Our three key focuses impact...
1) iNTERNATIONAL farmers & farming communities through market accessibility and improvement of economic & social standards
2) The environment through implementation of higher agricultural standards and farming process improvements
3) People like you, by increasing access to healthy and nutritious iNGREDIENTS to have in more accessible ways through retail & online stores and restaurants throughout the US

 What social impact is SIMPLi making?
Answer: We are always seeking ways to improve the lives of our farmers and farming communities. The beauty of SIMPLi's business model is that customers and partners of SIMPLi are actually making a direct impact on what we are able to accomplish & give back to the workforce and environment. A few examples of how SIMPLi gives back are... Paying above market-price to our farmers to alleviate against extreme poverty and inequality and to drive economic growth within the farming communities. We are also proud to facilitate medical campaigns and donation contributions for infrastructure, equipment, and goods to have a long-term impact with all the farming communities we work with.

 Are SIMPLi products more expensive than other products from the same regions?
Answer: SIMPLi is proud to offer high-quality iNGREDIENTS from around the world. We work hard to provide fair pricing due to cutting out the middlemen in the traditional complicated and muddled international supply chain. Our direct from farmer to business model allows us to pay a premium to our farmers and to deliver environmentally friendly packaging without passing on higher costs to you as a consumer.
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