The Regenerative Pathway Program (RPP) is an initiative created by SIMPLi’s regenerative operations team to uplift and empower farmers on their journey to becoming Regenerative Organic Certified®. In this program, SIMPLi equips farmers with the resources, knowledge, and skills needed to successfully transition to each new certification level.

The journey to achieve the Regenerative Organic Certification® enables farmers to attain additional certifications like USDA Organic and Fair for Life. These certifications ensure farmers receive fair compensation for their efforts while rejuvenating the soil and planet. Each phase of the journey builds upon one another and prepares the farmers for the goal standard in agriculture: Regenerative Organic Certification®

Our goal with this program is to give farmers more independence and allow them to maintain land sovereignty so they can grow beyond SIMPLi. We offer workshops on administration, accounting and finance, legal matters, and marketing directly to farming communities in the program. Each workshop is led by SIMPLi team members and subject matter experts. Each phase offers different levels of support, with the regenerative phase offering the most support for communities. The support continues even after certification is achieved to ensure their regenerative organic farming practices are maintained and their land and cooperatives are properly managed.

Our RPP was developed with the goal of helping farmers transform from conventional agriculture towards more sustainable agriculture. By empowering farmers with resources and incentives to embrace and maintain regenerative organic practices, we are scaling programs for implementing regenerative organic agriculture around the world. This program embodies SIMPLi's commitment to environmental and social responsibility by ensuring the strength of our global supply chains, improving the livelihoods of our farmers, and increasing our positive impact on the planet by sequestering more carbon as we transition more farms. For us, our Regenerative Pathway Program is about more than just farming; it is about transforming our flawed food system into one that benefits people, producers, and the planet.