Our Sourcing

 SIMPLi was launched to create a more transparent, sustainable, and streamlined food supply chain. Combining technology and vision, we simplify the supply chain to shift power back to our partner farmers. Unlike traditional ingredients companies, we work directly with farmers to ensure each product meets the strictest quality standards.

This vertical model eliminates many traditional supply chain stops (from local broker/coop to exporter, importer, distributor, and more), allowing us to reduce long chain markup. We can then offer more competitive pricing to our customers and transition profits traditionally benefited by middlemen back to the farmers we source from.

Ingredient Sourcing Map

With direct farmer partnerships throughout South America and Europe, we continue to expand our diverse ingredient offerings around the world. Our products span a range of certification statuses, from conventional to Regenerative Organic Certified®. We believe that certification is a journey, and we work with our farming partners to provide them with the support to transition them to achieve Regenerative Organic Certification®.

However, due to the production methods of some ingredients like salt, they are unable to be certified. In this case, we ensure our producers are using artisanal, ethical methods to ensure we're getting the most premium products.

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