Peruvian Pink Salt Breakfast Croissant

Peruvian Pink Salt Breakfast Croissant

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these croissant breakfast sandwiches are the perfect way to start your day strong! It combines eggs and cheese fried up in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped with avocado and a healthy dose of Peruvian Pink Salt, all layered between a flaky, buttery croissant. If your mouth isn't watering yet, you might as well stop reading now...

Perfect for a quick weekday breakfast or a lazy weekend brunch treat, this sandwich is fully customizable. Make it your own by swapping out the type of bread, cheese, and protein to make it vegetarian or vegan.

SIMPLi Pink Salt Breakfast Croissant 3



  • Fry the eggs in EVOO, seasoning them with SIMPLi Salt and pepper.

  • Slice the croissant and toast both halves in a toaster.

  • Now begin assembling your croissant breakfast sandwich with the bottom toasted croissant first, then add the bacon (optional), eggs, and avocado, an added pinch of SIMPLi Peruvian Pink Salt, and top with the other toasted croissant half.

  • Enjoy!


  • Don’t forget to toast the croissant.This step is not only tasty, but it adds some stability to the flaky croissant so it can better hold the delicious fillings you’ll be layering inside.

  • Fry the eggs flat.Try to keep the eggs flat as they cook, especially with scrambled eggs. This will help with layering, and also ensure there aren’t big chunks of egg overbalancing your croissant breakfast sandwich.

  • If using bacon, cook it first.The bacon will take longer than the eggs to cook, so do this first so the eggs and toasted croissant are not getting cold while you wait for the bacon to crisp.

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