Dress It Up Dressing: Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl Recipe

Dress It Up Dressing: Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl Recipe

Do you love quinoa, but you aren't sure how to use it in a recipe? Here’s a little inspiration from our friends at Dress It Up Dressing—a woman-owned, certified B-Corp with a line of six olive oil-based salad dressings.

*This recipe originally appeared on Dress It Up Dressing's website in this post.

Jazzing up your grain can make the whole week feel more festive, so whether white rice, farro, quinoa, or something else, let your imagination run wild. Packed with nutrients and hearty foods, a big grain bowl can easily be added to lunches and used to build out dinners throughout the week.

Using our fave quinoa from SIMPLi, we're bringing you a delicious bowl with a variety of textures and little pops of flavor that dance across your tongue. Made with only one pot, this recipe couldn’t be simpler.

Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl Prep

We paired SIMPLi's Regenerative Organic Certified® White Quinoa with sweet potatoes and fresh bell peppers. Topped with our Sesame Tahini dressing and almonds, this bowl offers a sweet yet tangy taste!


Cooking Instructions


  1. Dice sweet potatoes; Season and cook to desired consistency

  2. Chop peppers and onions

    Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl Prep


      1. In a medium sized pan, drizzle olive oil and bring to medium/high heat; add chopped peppers and veggies

      2. After veggies are slightly cooked, add quinoa and water to pot; cook to desired consistency

      Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl Prep


      1. Start with the cooked quinoa and veggies as a base; top with sweet potatoes and almonds, then drizzle Sesame Tahini dressing

      2. Serve and enjoy!

      Sesame Tahini Grain Bowl

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