To kick off 2024, the SIMPLi U.S. team had the opportunity to visit our South America headquarters in Lima, Peru. We had an absolute blast spending time with our amazing team in Lima. The week was a dream come-true for our travel-loving, adventurous team—from eating fresh ceviche to exploring local markets—we took full advantage of all that the city had to offer. Now, we’re sharing all that we learned from and experienced with our community! Whether you're gearing up for your first trip to Lima, Peru or just curious about this incredibly rich culinary mecca, we're here to dish out the details!


Lima is a perfect destination for people who love food. It offers a rich diversity of culinary experiences, from traditional Peruvian food to fusion cuisines influenced by international flavors like Nikkei (Japanese and Peruvian) and Chifa (Chinese and Peruvian), to street food vendors like Al Toke Pez, to the World’s Best Restaurant in 2023: Central, and everything in between. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Visit Barranco, San Isidro, and Miraflores

These districts are home to some of the best restaurants in Lima. Explore the vibrant culinary scene in Barranco's charming streets, take a trip to the upscale and elegant neighborhood of San Isidro, or enjoy the ocean views while dining in Miraflores. Each of these neighborhoods has its own character, and we recommend carving out time to spend in each one exploring the dining scene during your stay.

Review the Rankings

For the best cafés, restaurants, and bars in Lima, check out SUMMUM's rankings or The World’s 50 Best in Lima list. These are great resources for finding hidden gems, hip bars, charming cafes, and popular dining spots around the city, and they’re updated every year. Caveat: these lists are not comprehensive—always ask locals to share their favorite spots when you arrive!

Try Our Favorite Restaurants

  • Isolina: Delight in authentic Peruvian cuisine with a contemporary twist at Isolina. Known for its cozy atmosphere and flavorful dishes, it's a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts.

  • La Picantería: Experience the vibrant flavors of traditional Peruvian seafood at La Picantería. This renowned seafood restaurant offers fresh catches and a lively ambiance. Pick your fish fresh from the counter and watch it be prepared in front of you into a myriad of dishes.

  • Osaka: Indulge in the exquisite fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors: Nikkei cuisine. With its innovative dishes, outstanding service, and sleek setting, Osaka is a top choice for a memorable dining experience.


Before embarking on your journey to Lima, keep in mind some of these travel tips and insights to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip:

Airport Transport

Upon arrival, consider booking a cab from the reputable taxi companies available inside the airport. This ensures safe and reliable transportation to your hotel or Airbnb.


If you're traveling between December and April, be prepared for hot and humid weather! Pack lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and a hat to stay comfortable while exploring the city.

Altitude Precautions

If your travel plans include a trip to the Andes mountains, it's essential to prepare for altitude sickness. Stock up on Sorojchi Pills and start taking them the night before your journey. Hydration is also key to adjusting to the altitude, so drink plenty of water. Still not feeling well? We recommend eating some caldo de pollo (chicken soup)—a dish that’s popular amongst locals for helping ease altitude sickness!


Choosing the right neighborhood can make your Lima experience even better and more relaxing! Here are some tips on where to stay:

Ideal Districts

We recommend staying in Miraflores, Barranco, or San Isidro for a convenient and enjoyable stay. These districts offer a mix of attractions, dining options, and safety for travelers.

Booking Options

To save money and secure the best deals, consider booking an Airbnb or hotel in advance. This allows you to have plenty of options in locations that suit your preferences and budget.

Climate Consideration

As previously mentioned, if you're visiting between December and April, we strongly recommend opting for a place with air conditioning. The summer months in Lima can be warm and humid, so having a cool retreat to return to after exploring is essential.


To find unique gifts and experience Lima's artisan culture, visit the local markets and shopping centers. Here are our favorite shopping tips and locations:

Payment Methods

Although many places in Lima take credit cards, it's wise to have cash for smaller stores and local businesses. This ensures hassle-free transactions and flexibility while shopping—plus, you might be able to take advantage of discounts when paying in cash at local markets.

Local Markets

Head over to the bustling markets at Centro de Lima, Inka Market, and Indian Market for a variety of handmade, textiles, clothing, jewelry, home goods, and souvenirs.

Specialty Vendors

Lima is full of incredibly talented artisans whose creative splendors are beautifully displayed and available for purchase. A few of our favorites include Artesanos Don Bosco (these furniture experts made a display table for our office and for Central’s ingredients, Dédalo, and Mundo Alpaca.

Larcomar Shopping Center

For a blend of shopping and dining with a stunning ocean view, visit the Larcomar outdoor mall. Located directly on the coastline in Miraflores, it's a popular spot to experience delicious local cuisine (like at KO Asian Kitchen) and find unique gifts.

We may be biased, but we think Lima is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The city offers a variety of adventures and excursions (we couldn’t include all of them in this guide) that fit any type of traveler’s needs. Whether diving into the rich culinary scene, exploring the city’s rich history, enjoying the stunning coastal views, or hunting for treasures while shopping, Lima boasts a wealth of incredible experiences to be enjoyed by culinary seekers and outdoor adventurers alike. With these recommendations in your back pocket, you’re well-prepped to have an unforgettable trip to Lima! Time to pack your bags we guarantee you’ll have a blast.