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SIMPLi Sacred Valley Salt Trio
SIMPLi Sacred Valley Salt Trio
SIMPLi Sacred Valley Salt Trio
peruvian salt

SIMPLi Sacred Valley Salt Trio

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Our trio of artisanal Peruvian salts sourced directly from natural a woman-owned cooperative each offer a unique flavor and texture. The salts are harvested by hand springs from the Andes using traditional methods from centuries-old mines of Maras high up in the Sacred Valley of Peru to ensure ethical and environmentally friendly extraction. Rich in minerals and trace elements, these salts boast a natural pink hue and a healthy nutritional profile.

Our Peruvian Pink Finishing Salt has a grind size between fine kosher salt and crunchy finishing salt, making it incredibly versatile for any dish. With its pure, tangy flavor and blush pink color, it's a must-have for any food enthusiast.

For herb lovers, our fine Peruvian Herb Salt Blend includes rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and sage, with a small grind size comparable to fine kosher salt. Its herbaceous, sweet, and aromatic flavor will elevate any meal.

Looking for a bit of spice? Our fine Peruvian Spice Salt Blend combines Huacatay, panca pepper, yellow pepper, cumin, and garlic for a mildly spicy, earthy, and smoky flavor that adds a dose of heat to your favorite dishes.

Experience the unique flavors of Peru with our artisanal trio of exceptional salts. Our unique blends will elevate any meal with their distinct flavors and beautiful appearance.

Sourcing location: Maras, Sacred Valley, Peru

Flavor profiles:


PERUVIAN HERB SALT BLEND: Herbaceous, sweet, aromatic

PERUVIAN SPICE SALT BLEND: Earthly, smoky, mildly spicy

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