Farmer Spotlight: Felicitas Rodriguez

Farmer Spotlight: Felicitas Rodriguez

In honor of Peru's Independence Day today, we’re celebrating the country’s incredible agricultural heritage with an interview with one of our indigenous farming partners—Felicitas Rodriguez. We asked her to share her journey to farming, her favorite recipes, and the organic practices she employs to nourish her native land and its people—her love for which is evident as she shares her experiences, knowledge, and the traditions that reflect a deep connection between people, land, and food. 

Interview Transcript

Interviewer: What's your name?

Felicitas Rodriguez: Felicitas Rodriguez, widow of Joija. Before, my husband Aurelio Joija worked with the Machu Pichu farming cooperative growing quinoa.

Interviewer: What ingredients do you grow?

Felicitas Rodriguez: I grow corn, quinoa, wheat, and beans.

Interviewer: When did you start working in the fields?

Felicitas Rodriguez: Since 2010, the president of the community asked us to start growing quinoa. I farm with my children and my sons-in-law.

Interviewer: What have you learned from all your farming experience?

Felicitas Rodriguez: The best experience we have learned is using free-range guano (manure), composting to improve our land, and having a better crop.

Interviewer: Do you have any favorite recipes?

Felicitas Rodriguez: As I am an old person, I like to have my quinoa for breakfast. I grate pineapple and apple and accompany it with my quinoa. It is a very powerful and healthy breakfast.

Interviewer: What are some organic practices you use for the ingredients you cultivate?

Felicitas Rodriguez: We work without any chemical products, all natural thanks to the constant training we receive [from SIMPLi]. We have learned to thin out weaker plants, leaving the more robust plants to be able to harvest well-shaped and good quality grains. We remove the weeds [by hand] so that at harvest time, it comes out as pure as possible.

SIMPLi Indigenous Farmer

Learning from the Land

At SIMPLi, we are honored to work with indigenous farmers like Felicitas whose dedication to organic practices and the preservation of traditional knowledge enriches not only the soil, but also the lives of countless people who enjoy the fruits of her labor. Each harvest is a testament to the rich agricultural heritage that has sustained her community for generations.

As we celebrate Peru's Independence Day, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our farming partners who continue to nurture the land with love and respect. Through their efforts, we get to enjoy the authentic flavors and nourishment of the incredible ingredients they grow.

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