SIMPLi x Daily Harvest

SIMPLi x Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest, a leading plant-based, sustainability-minded meal delivery company recently launched a new collection of wholesome, nutritious, grain bowls featuring SIMPLi's ancient grains and seeds. This collection features three unique blends, each crafted with simple, nourishing ingredients to deliver delicious, convenient meals that are perfect for anyone looking for a convenient solution to eating healthy.

Daily Harvest's ethos around building a better food system that prioritizes human and planetary health is one that is strongly aligned with our own vision to transform our flawed food system into one that's better for people, for the planet, and for producers. This alignment resulted in the prominence of SIMPLi's sustainably grown, ethically sourced, nutrient-dense ingredients in this collection.

SIMPLi x Daily Harvest Grains

The grains collection offers chef-crafted meal options such as Curried Brown Rice + Green Chickpea, Herb Wild Rice + Black Lentil, and Lemon Quinoa + Butternut Squash. These meals are full of powerhouse ingredients like SIMPLi quinoa, amaranth, and chia seeds, which are packed with nutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

One of the key highlights of our partnership on this collection is the use of SIMPLi's transitional organic ingredients. This means that they are grown using organic methods but have not yet completed the three-ish year transition period required to become certified organic or regenerative organic. Transitional ingredients offer a way for farmers to transition their operations to organic farming while still earning income during the certification process and also provide consumers with food that supports sustainable farming practices.

SIMPLi x Daily Harvest Grains 2

We source our Peruvian transitional organic amaranth directly from farming communities in Chumbivilca, a southern province in the Andes mountains in the Cusco Region of Peru. The amaranth is harvested once per year, and is rotated with other ancient grains in this collection likeSIMPli's quinoa—which is sourced from the same community in Peru. A great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and essential minerals, quinoa can withstand long periods of drought, making it a resilient crop that's well-suited to changing climates.

Our Paraguayan transitional organic chia seeds are sourced directly from farming communities in Asunción—the capital city of Paraguay. Our chia is harvested twice per year and is rotated with beans and sesame seeds to support healthy soil and nutrient density in the ingredients.

Daily Harvest Grains Collection 2

By highlighting transitional organic ingredients that support a move towards more sustainable farming practices in this collection, SIMPLi and Daily Harvest are making it easier than ever to eat healthily and support a healthier planet without sacrificing flavor. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy lunch or a satisfying dinner, these meals are sure to hit the spot. Get a taste for yourself today:

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