Chopt, NY Shuk, and SIMPLi collaborate to launch Mediterranean-Inspired Menu

Chopt, NY Shuk, and SIMPLi collaborate to launch Mediterranean-Inspired Menu

Chopt Creative Salad Co., NY Shuk, and SIMPLi, came together to launch Chopt’s newest menu highlighting rich flavors inspired by the Mediterranean. The limited-time menu offering is available August 10October 11 and features two original salads and dressings that can be ordered in-store, online, or through the Chopt app.

To accompany the new Ultimate Greek Salad, Chopt collaborated with NY Shuk, the Brooklyn-based marketplace for authentic, high-quality Middle Eastern spices, spice blends, and condiments and created the new craft-made Fiery Feta Dressing that incorporates their hand-crafted Signature Harissa, a premium chili pepper paste that adds richness, depth, and subtle heat. A remarkably versatile condiment, the harissa comes from a treasured heirloom recipe passed on from NY Shuk Co-Founder/Culinary Director Ron Arazi’s grandmother.

“Working with like-minded partners like Chopt helps us share New York Shuk’s array of hand-crafted pantry staples with a wider audience while supporting our mission to keep our multifaceted culinary heritage alive,” says Leetal Arazi, NY Shuk Co-Founder/CEO.

The limited-time menu launches a new partnership with SIMPLi, a modern food company committed to ethically sourcing international ingredients, and incorporates their 100% single-origin Kalamata olives on the Ultimate Greek Salad. Handpicked on the Peloponnese peninsula, SIMPLi Kalamata olives are sustainably harvested from more than 25,000 trees for a healthy, flavorful fruit that will remain as core addition on the Chopt menu.

“We’re excited to introduce SIMPLi ingredients to Chopt guests and bring them along on a journey to Southern Greece to taste SIMPLi’s exceptional Kalamata olives. Our direct relationships with farming communities in Kalamata, Greece ensure our partners are receiving only authentic, high-quality olives,” said Sarela and Matt Cohen, Co-Founders, SIMPLi.

“As salad experts, we know that what goes into each salad is as important as the final product, which means carefully selecting partners makes every salad that much more thoughtful. We started our relationship with New York Shuk in 2019, discovering that our brands align with the ultimate desire to share authentic stories through food, making them the perfect partner,” said Ali Banks, Chopt VP of Culinary. “SIMPLi is a newer artisanal partnership that we are really excited about. We’re aligned on the importance of sourcing, producing, and celebrating the magic of single-origin ingredients. The combination of SIMPLi Kalamata olives and New York Shuk Signature Harissa marries the perfect pop of delicious, briny richness and spice in our Ultimate Greek Salad.”

From August 10October 11, guests can enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean through the following features:

Fiery Feta Dressing

As a complement to the Mediterranean-influenced salads, bowls and wraps, the Fiery Feta is a rich and tangy creamy dressing with a touch of delicate heat from NY Shuk’s Signature Harissa.

Ultimate Greek Salad 

Drizzled with new Fiery Feta dressing and topped with warm roasted Greek chicken, SIMPLi Greek Kalamata Olives, pita chips, grape tomatoes, fresh radish, English cucumbers, Chopt blend, and romaine.

Basil Caesar Dressing

Adding an herbaceous note to an otherwise traditional Caesar, this dressing blends in aromatic basil, offering a touch of savory creaminess to the fresh and sharp flavors of the Zesty Italian Caesar salad.

Zesty Italian Caesar Salad 

Warm Grilled chicken, spicy Italian giardiniera, grape tomatoes, parmesan, croutons, Chopt blend, and romaine, topped with Basil Caesar Dressing.

Chopt’s focus on inclusive, artisanal partnerships extends beyond limited edition menus as the brand introduces faraway flavors and focuses on locally-sourced, artisan ingredients across many of their classic creations. More menu and partner info can be found inside all Chopt locations.

Guests can start individual or group orders by visiting

About Chopt

Chopt is a creative salad company. Its business: making healthy eating as imaginative and fun as possible. The goal: to develop an innovative menu by selecting the best ingredients and crafting them into salads that people will crave. Chopt travels far for inspiration and then explores locally for the elements to bring the tastiest creations to life. From the classics and destination features to scratch-made dressings and naturally flavored teas and lemonades, Chopt’s mission is simple: to transform the way we eat. Founded in New York City in 2001 by best friends Tony Shure and Colin McCabe, Chopt has expanded to a family of over 70 restaurants in New York, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alabama with more to come soon.

About NY Shuk

New York Shuk is a Brooklyn-based maker of hand-crafted Middle Eastern pantry staples. Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife duo, Ron and Leetal Arazi, former chefs who moved to Brooklyn, New York from Israel that same year, the brand has provided a brilliant way for the couple to channel their impressive culinary pedigrees and keep their multifaceted Middle Eastern culinary heritages alive, while giving American home cooks the tools and inspiration to cook more deliciously for their own family and friends. From an array of pungent spices and blends—familiar sorts like sumac, shawarma, and za’atar but also lesser-known ras el hanout, and earthy, Yemenite hawaij—to condiments like harissa, matbucha and preserved lemon paste, New York Shuk’s offerings express a modern sensibility in concert with culinary traditions that date back thousands of years.

About SIMPLi

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, SIMPLi was founded by Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen with a mission to bring authentic ingredients from around the world to consumers' kitchens in a way that equally benefits farmers, the environment, and consumers. SIMPLi is a Fair For Life Certified and Regenerative Organic Certified ® company ethically sourcing the highest quality single-origin ingredients while eliminating fraudulent international supply chains, combating climate change, and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. For more information about SIMPLi, visit

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