SIMPLi x Wellfound Foods

SIMPLi x Wellfound Foods

This spring SIMPLi has teamed up with Wellfound Foods, a modern grab and-go-food company that focuses on increasing access to fresh and local meals for health-conscious individuals on the move, to create a limited-time menu item: the Peruvian Chopped Salad featuring SIMPLi's high-quality, ethically sourced Tri-Color Quinoa and 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus Peruvian purple fingerling potatoes, fresh corn, radish, grape tomatoes, jalapeño, pickled red onion, cotija cheese, green cabbage, spring greens, and spinach.

Locally sourced nutrient dense salad

Whether you're about to get on the train or rushing an appointment, Wellfound Foods' vending machines give you access to healthy fast food options without compromising quality for convenience. This notion strongly resonates with us at SIMPLi, as we work to bring consumers ethically sourced, nutrient-dense ingredients through a more transparent, honest, and sustainable food supply chain. Unlike traditional ingredients companies who shake multiple hands before acquiring their ingredients, we own our supply chains so we work directly with growers to ensure we're sourcing the highest quality, single-origin products that meet the strictest quality standards. In turn, we shift more profit typically benefitting the middlemen back to the farmers.

Wellfound Foods strongly supports our mission, which is why we decided to partner together to create this NEW delicious, nutrient-dense salad that's available at all SmartMarket locations through April 2nd. Try this delicious salad for yourself at your nearest location, which you can find by downloading the Wellfound Foods app here. Be sure to check what’s available through the app before you make the trip.

Sustainably sourced Peruvian salad

Our salad, like all Wellfound Foods salads, is layered beautifully upside down, engineered to be enjoyed after tipping the jar into one of the compostable bowls available on the side of every SmartMarket machine. Portable, healthy, fresh—it's a salad that's as good for the planet as it is for your taste buds.

“Wellfound Foods is filling a gap in the market to provide healthy foods in places like hospitals, airports, etc. where it can be difficult to access. It was the only healthy option when I was at the hospital giving birth to our baby girl Valentina a few months ago. We're thrilled to be collaborating with them to launch this limited-time salad featuring our Greek 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tri-Color Quinoa so we can expand access to nutrient dense, high quality, and ethically sourced ingredients." – Sarela Herrada, SIMPLi Co-Founder

SIMPLi is proud to provide our ingredients to supplement Wellfound Foods' fresh and healthy meals, and be a trusted partner to them for ingredients that are impossible to source locally.Fresh Delicious Peruvian Salad

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  • Heather Schultz

    How many calories are in the SIMPLi Peruvian chopped salad?

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