SIMPLi x Organic Krush

SIMPLi x Organic Krush

When we started SIMPLi, Organic Krush was one of our first restaurant partners for Peruvian Quinoa and Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From the start, they understood our vision and aligned with our values—and we immediately connected through our shared passion to provide customers with the highest quality, most ethically sourced ingredients. Since then, we've grown our partnership to introduce new ingredients to Organic Krush customers like cacao powder and Kalamata olives.

SIMPLi Quinoa for Organic Krush

As our partnership continues to strengthen and the demand for organic, sustainable ingredients increases, we're excited to continue to source the best ingredients for Organic Krush meals and share the stories of these ingredients—where they come from, how they're grown, and who grows them.

In the words of Organic Krush:

Since the start of Organic Krush, one of our biggest motivators has been environmental sustainability.This means sourcing organically and sustainably! Take an inside look into one of our proud sourcing partners,@eatsimpli.Their vision perfectly aligns with our values at Krush:transforming our flawed food system into one that is good for you, the planet, and the producers.

@eatsimpli’s fairly-compensated farming partners produce our Tri-Color Quinoa, Kalamata Olives, Raw Cacao Powder, & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These ingredients are the building blocks for a majority of the meals here at Krush! We are proud to know our partners value cultural preservation, ethical sourcing, and prioritize farmers and the environment.

If you're in NY, VA, or CT, go give them a visit and get a taste of SIMPLi ingredients in menu items like the vegan quinoa burger and more!

SIMPLi Quinoa Farms Peru

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