Prosciutto Rose Bites

Prosciutto Rose Bites

Whether you're planning a romantic date night with your partner, a rom-com marathon with friends, or a lineup of love-themed games for your family to enjoy, we have just the best Valentine's Day snack for you to serve! These prosciutto rose bites are perfect for any Valentine's Day activity you have planned. Topped with SIMPLi Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Peruvian Herb Salt Blend, they are both beautiful and delicious. Love potions have nothing on these swoon-worthy bites!

Valentine's Day Prosciutto


Valentine's Day Prosciutto Rose


  1. Using kitchen scissors, cut a half-inch wide slice of prosciutto or ham. (Cut with the plastic still attached if possible)

  2. Carefully peel the plastic away and gently roll the piece into a rose.

  3. Pipe a circle of whipped cream cheese onto a rice cracker and place 3 prosciutto roses on one side.

  4. Add 2 small dill springs on either side of the cracker.

  5. Sprinkle SIMPLi EVOO and SIMPLi Peruvian Herb Salt Blend on top and serve cold!

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